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Refuse Collection By UK Based Skip Hire UK

Our refuse collection vehicle will collect refuse all all types to be recycled. Our vehiclea are equipped with an automated arm to lift the bins from the road side for easier collection, while protecting pedestrians and cyclists. The battery powered refuse lorries and solar panel allow it to operate day and night.

Our Guarantee

  • Free site visit and survey
  • No hidden costs
  • British standards compliant
  • Fully Insured
  • Clean and efficient
  • Professional workmanship

Affordable Refuse Collection

We offer affordable refuse collection offering a full range of refuse and recycling services. We develop customized programs that fit your budget and needs. We provide refuse collection services to the construction, service, retail, multi-family housing and municipality sectors. Our professional drivers are fully trained to ensure the safest and cleanest service possible.

Forget about packing your bin with garden refuse; the Garden Refuse Collection is our unique, wheeled mini bin that's has been specially designed to make it easier to take rubbish out. Made from a weather-resistant plastic and with 4 good handles, the mini bin can be easily pushed along to help move rubbish from any garden. The lid opens fully and can be used as a making bench or tool holder.

Refuse Collection Near Me

Have you just moved house and need various items for the house? Refuse Collection near me can help, by taking away every rubbish bin and returning it to your home, with all your refuse taken care of, which will save you the hassle! By phoning UK Skip Hire, you have 26 different waste disposal services on offer. The reason we are so flexible is because we are a massive business in the UK that provides many helpful services for the community. If you are having a big clear out or even if you have a small garden tidy up session, why not use our services.

Expert Refuse Collection

Expert Refuse Collection is a premier refuse collection service in the UK. Using our advanced routing and billing software, we have streamlined the process of refuse collection to meet the needs of residential and commercial clients! Our refuse trucks place less stress on their engine and reduce fuel consumption by using technology that reduces spillage. In addition to reducing environmental impact, our refuse trucks are also significantly quieter than other refuse trucks on the market. Expert Refuse Collection is proud to offer full transparency in pricing and will work with you to customize your weekly collections as well as provide you with a complimentary consultation to ensure that we are meeting all of your needs.